Title: F?@k Knows
Author: Shailendra Singh
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Price: Rs. 137/-
Pages: 256
Rating: 4 on 5

Following is the book review  of F?@K Knows by Shailendra Singh:

First Impression: A bright yellow cover! Looking from far, I mistook it for a toddlers’ book. The beaming color made me leap towards it almost immediately and as I approached the shelf, its title – ‘F?@k Knows’- made my mind do a flip-flop, this time taking it for an adult book. It was neither. A debut by the well-known Bollywood producer and brand manager, Shailendra Singh, the book has recently been the talk of the town.

What is it all about? A book that tells what shit we make of our lives and how a simple change in what we follow & what we choose can turn the tables. There is a simple message for the readers: follow your gut and make choices that make you happy from within. Ailing in hospital, wondering if his end is near, the author pondered over the futility of all the achievements he gained and the dreams he did not fulfill  He wonders that he never gave a damn to his own happiness and kept on doing what his family expected from him. That’s when he decided to pen down his thoughts.

Important to note that this is not the run-of-the-mill type ‘preach’ book; so, if you are expecting some ’10 ways to improve life’ or ‘Become Successful in 120 days’, it is not. Instead, you shall find terms like ‘F?@k list’, ‘Chi F?@k ’, ‘F?@k Buddies’. Now, what are these, you have to read the book to know; I won’t spill the beans. The way he treats the never-ending conflict of our mind and heart, which are mostly at loggerheads, is excellent. He also gives an honest opinion on taboo topics like sex and orgasm. For him, hope is a ‘poison’ and ‘fuck off’ a magic word. Different, isn’t it?

Style: He has chosen a layman’s language: style is simple and no heavy words are used. He, instead, uses the slang now and then; the ‘F’ word is stewed liberally throughout the text, though not in its typical sense. But if you are still allergic to such language, better not read it. Short lines and small paras make it easy to digest.

Tone: Shailendra talks in both first as well as second person. He adopts a conversational style, akin to youngsters’ chit-chat. He keeps the tone light and at the end of each chapter, you have something to gain.

Who would connect with it? Shit happens to us and life screws us in so many ways. And this is the universal phenomena. So, whatever your age is, and whatever crap you are caught in, you will find the book interesting enough and can relate to it.

Why should you go for it? There are things that you keep backstage all through your life, to make others happy or appear an achiever to society. But are you really happy? This book advises to transgress your conventional ways to get real happiness. The author’s telltales help readers with ways that can change quality of their life in all spheres and get them everlasting happiness. Easy to latch onto.

Would I recommend it?  Definitely YES!!


  1. a nice review. it would be good if you could add the genre of the book somewhere. cheers and god bless

  2. Anu,

    Although I noticed it now, it’s better during introduction or while giving book details you add Genre. It helps. Just a humble suggestion.


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